The 7 best articles on serious games and game-based learning

Game-based learning is advancing at full steam in schools, universities and corporations .

If you would like to understand why video games became one among the simplest formats for teaching a broad range of data and skills, we recommend reading the 7 best articles on game-based learning:

1 – All you would like to understand about serious games and game-based learning, explained with examples

If you’re trying to find a comprehensive and rigorous piece, rich intimately , regarding game-based learning, look no further. during this article, you’ll be ready to discover not only what’s game-based learning and high games, but also their main components, benefits and eight of their most prominent examples. Essential.

2 – the idea behind game-based learning

If you’re serious about this subject , it’s important that you simply understand the theoretical underpinnings of game-based learning. this text will describe many of the keys (feedback, practice, reflection, relationship building, teamwork…) that scientifically explain the effectiveness of game-based learning.

3 – Game-based learning: from A to Z

As if it were addressing a game, this text offers insight into many of the secrets of game-based learning employing a list of words from A to Z. “Achievement”, “Benefits”, “Come up”, “Digital”, “Engagement”… all the keys which will assist you contextualize game-based learning.

4 – Q&A with Karl Kapp: “Games are very valuable in today’s corporate environment”

Karl Kapp is renowned together of greatest game-based learning gurus. during this interview, you’ll discover how serious games lets us think and ponder about the impossible, define the longer term of a corporation , or improve the training of thousands of employees. A comprehensive interview which will certainly impress you.

5 – The 5 stages of game-based learning: from indifference to acceptance

The brief history of game-based learning shouldn’t detract from its importance. in just a really short time, game-based learning has gone from indifference (“video games cannot teach”) to become the conquering tendency of corporate training. A mere glance at its history is all we’d like to predict the still promising future awaiting game-based learning.

6 – Serious games for training: eight benefits which will surprise you

“Stimulates the brain”, “improves self-esteem”, “applicable to the important world”… these are a number of the advantages that game-based learning has within the corporate training world. If you’re trying to find an easy article that explains the most benefits of game-based learning, here you’ve got it.

7 – Seven tendencies that make game-based learning unstoppable

And if you continue to have any doubts, this text will make it clear that game-based learning has barely begun. A series of worldwide tendencies (higher-quality games, market maturity, economies of scale, reduction of costs, omnipresence of cell phones…) point to a future where video games are going to be increasingly present in our lives

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