Comic Creator Resources

Want to create your own game and don't know where to start?

It doesn't matter why you wish to create your own game, it could be to impress your friends and family, achieve a life goal or simply aim for a full time job!

On this web site is a list of books that I have personally purchased and have either read, or going to read soon.
As soon as I have read each book I will give my honest opinion in a review and then i'll give it up to 5 stars.

I have put together list of books that cover, in my mind, the three main game engines that can be easily used to build a game.
You may be asking why use a game engine? The reason is simple, don't re-invent the wheel if you don't have to; the game engines I have read books on are ready to go in order to build your own game. Each game engine has been tried and tested, has many tutorials and a forum full of helpful people.
But building your game is only half the battle if you want the public to see it, I have also included books that help you market and publish your game.

On each product page there is a button that takes you to the purchase page of the book on a major book site; by purchasing these books through this link I get a commision which helps me maintain this website. It's a small way to say thanks for an honest review.

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